We're Hiring EMTs Nationwide

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We're Hiring EMTs Nationwide

As an EMT with one of our Global Medical Response brands, you represent the foundational level of care for our patients, while working to build your own career in emergency medicine. Nationwide opportunities include serving as a vital crew member, becoming a field training officer to help bring on new team members, working alongside other EMTs at a wide variety of special events and community-outreach programs, and elevating your career path by pursuing certification as an advanced EMT or paramedic.

The hallmarks of a great EMT include the ability to collaborate with fellow EMS and first responders and, most importantly, to demonstrate compassion for those they serve: Understanding that an EMT must be at their best on a patient's worst day. We'd love to have you join our growing team who pride themselves in answering the call and providing care at a moment's notice.

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Transition from EMT to PARAMEDIC

Elevate your career path with our wide range of GMR solutions nationwide.

From supporting both BLS and ALS ground units to providing emergency response at special events, Global Medical Response offers career pathway opportunities across the nation.


Going Beyond The Call

EMT professionals find a way to touch hearts, realizing that caring for a patient isn't just splinting a broken bone or starting an IV. This is what going beyond the call is all about.


Exceptional skills, collaborative teamwork, community-focused, and the ability to provide compassionate care at a moment's notice.

Those are skills we're looking for at GMR.